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The solar system will only generate electricity when the sun is out and most of the families need the power at night. For instance, to use electric cook tops, light up rooms, power the TV and for other accessories. A solar battery allows to store the excess daytime electricity production back into for usage during the night time. So, there will be very less electricity consumption from the grid, which will ultimately abruptly reduce the electricity bill.

Illumina Energy provides a professional solar battery installation service that securely and competently connects to your current solar system. And with the current government (VIC) rebates available, you could save as much as $4,174* on your new solar storage system if you meet the eligibility criteria.


Bbattery types

Solar battery storage solutions


Nowadays, there are huge competitions in the battery market with latest technological advancements. Following are the main technologies which are available in the market:


Nickel-Metal Hydride(Ni-MH)


Nickel Cadmium(Ni-Cd)

Benefits Of Solar Battery Storage

Out of these four types, Lithium-ion technology is by far the most conventional for energy storage. The reason these are offered for grid-connect solar systems are due to the following advantages:

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