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Solar Services

Illumina Energy covers all your needs when it comes to solar and other electrical related needs. Our company has installed and maintained many solar systems across Australia and helping Australians get the optimal benefit from their solar investments.

 Our accredited and experienced electricians analyse your property and the entire electrical system. We can deliver solar panel installation, solar repairs, installing and fixing battery storage, inverter repairs and other solar maintenance.

Solar Maintenance

Like all electrical equipment, regular maintenance of your solar panel system is necessary. Our Electricians will help maintain your solar system for long term efficiency.

Solar Service and Clean

The solar panels need to be cleaned at least every six months. Cleaner solar panels will increase the output and will impact your electricity bills.

Inverter repair / Error Codes

When inverter displays an error code, that needs to be fixed by a specialist. Our experienced team will help you fix all problems related to inverter.

Battery Storage Installation

Whether it is wall or ground mounted battery, we provide very effective services for solar battery storage installation so you can save your excess electricity generation for night-time usage.

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